bee ess


I enjoy expanses.  To get high enough to perch and see over the tops of things.

This is a personal blog more than anything else, but I do specialise in other topics, which you can find here and here.  Shortly this will all be integrated and I won’t have to tell you that, because the screen will already have done so.  How you got here doesn’t matter.  This space is my own context, which I am forever writing into existence.  I am not sure which is ahead at any given time – the context or the text.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life.

I love a banter, so share some of yourself, and don’t forget to leave your card.




3 responses to “bee ess

  1. You stylish lady. Me admire.

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  3. Elizabeth (4littlebird)

    Bee ess, I am so happy to see that you blog! I came across your blog while perusing Seqauoia’s, and I’ve been devouring this one and the food blog (pun somewhat intended). Your writing is as engaging for me as your ruminations over at IFM. Lady, you certainly do rock a mighty good roll! Here’s sending you a big ol’ high-five for all your beautiful work.

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