yes please.

I ache for this.  Imagine that, a circular bed.  So much hanging limbs from the edge of the bed.

Reblogged from Eff’s well-constructed imageplay here.


9 responses to “yes please.

  1. I love circular beds! especially with mosquito nets, its like a romantic sex fort. :-)

  2. for some reason the only person i could put into this fantasy space was myself. so a solo sex fort.

  3. You know, for some reason the idea of a circular bed really upsets me! I often like to sleep near the edge of a bed in a way that wouldn’t be possible on this. Even imagining trying to sleep on that bed distresses me! Also, the way it leaves a gap and doesn’t fit up against the walls makes me feel uncomfortable.

    It amazes me that something like the shape of a bed would bug me so much as it does!

  4. but jnagio, what if the round bed was actually in a round room inside of a round house?

    thats an idea I really like.

  5. ugh and I spelled your name wrong like an asshole. apologies :-)

  6. Strangely enough, that makes it a little bit easier for me to deal with!

  7. Also: there were some months some years ago during which my bed was a circular corduroy stuffed cushion, whose diameter was almost as long as me, on the floor. Those were strange times but now I think of them with some fondness. I am capable of making myself a space in a relatively small surface area.

  8. Paying my respects to the dead. It was a fantastic ride–all
    the way back through pornocation. Thanks for The Age (weather report-Gippsland). See you on the other side!

  9. P. S. The Blog, of course!

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