pastel paradise

I thought some domesticity might be nice.




Also there’s a little more here.


4 responses to “pastel paradise

  1. looking at these I realise I got the wall colour so very wrong in my first picture, memory is a funny one. I must say I found your space exceedingly pleasant, soft hues and warm tones abound.

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  3. Ah, here’s the thing about those walls, though – they look so different all the time. All day long their colours change, and it depends very much upon what light you’re bouncing off them and how deeply you’re looking into the room. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and look at the sun spreading over them and the angles they form with the ceiling and feel quite giddy to be here.

  4. Oh that is an attractive kitteh. I could steal her. The top photos are excellent, great play between the dark and light. The bike is especially ace.

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