I didn’t enjoy my time in Thailand as much then as I do now – I’ve been looking at the photos I took during that trip and am liking them a lot more, getting a warm, still, sultry feeling from them.  It’s probably a subconscious response to the just-bearable Melbourne winter depression.  Here’s another image that I forgot I had stowed away.  I should have done more in that space, it’s very geometrical and full of gradated, crisp whites.



3 responses to “vacation.

  1. Your photos from thailand are the first I’ve seen that provoke desire for a tropical vacation.

  2. I must say that the place I stayed had some pretty good ideas about design. Resorts are generally hideous places, but these folks were on top of it. And the place I was in before that was so ugly I could only stay two nights. Aesthetics matter on holidays.

  3. There’s something about that sparse interior that makes humid hot nights appealing.

    I really had it hammered into me how important interior aesthetics are to me after going back to a boy’s house to discover that he does not own a single beautiful object or purely decorative item. It was not something I had consciously thought about until then as everyone I know just seems to intentionally or unintentionally have appealing surrounds.

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