oh yes hello

Thanks for your patience whilst xobs came down, it is now restored but there were no renovations.

I make very few images and very many words these days.  However I have none of those available for here now, so I just offer this rather nice picture.



4 responses to “oh yes hello

  1. Any more of this set?

  2. I shall wear these tights more often. I forgot I had them!

  3. I have a thing for photos where you cannot see the person’s face… not that I don’t like faces but there’s something about the mystery of it.

    Also something that really appeals to me about your photos is the “natural”, unaffected sense I get from them. Entirely opposite to my own sense of drama and totally refreshing!

  4. yes i’m not very dramatic at all really. i’m everyday. which has its tiny dramas you know…but high production has never really been my thing.

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