shuffling domesticities

I am here because there are lots of internet voices calling my name at the moment, because there’s a lot of a particular kind of me being circulated in its synapses so I need to make some move to balance that out, and because domesticity is a hot topic and I have a short piece to say about it.

I am shifting myself into a new domesticity, just when I was really, deeply getting into this one, which has really only taken place over the last month or two.  But things are such that I’m having a really abrupt jolt into a new domesticity.  I’m all about transitions – nice ones, slow ones, or just smooth ones – and so tonight I found myself closing one and tomorrow I will open a new one.  I don’t have enough time to talk about them right now so I will post a few photos instead, and direct you to Chica and Sequoia (just over to the right there…) for more on the above.





8 responses to “shuffling domesticities

  1. Beautifully composed photos.

  2. Good god that kitten is beautiful! Most lovely all round.

  3. yoi and double yoi!

  4. yoi and double yoi!
    nice pictures girly!
    now put a black and gold collar on kitteh,
    and make her go kill a red bird!
    your hometown team needs kitteh’s help!
    here we go steelers…..

  5. Very nice shots, hope you keep posting!

  6. Moarh posting!!!

  7. by the way, the second photo was lit primarily by a sparkler.

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