Monthly Archives: January 2009

shuffling domesticities

I am here because there are lots of internet voices calling my name at the moment, because there’s a lot of a particular kind of me being circulated in its synapses so I need to make some move to balance that out, and because domesticity is a hot topic and I have a short piece to say about it.

I am shifting myself into a new domesticity, just when I was really, deeply getting into this one, which has really only taken place over the last month or two.  But things are such that I’m having a really abrupt jolt into a new domesticity.  I’m all about transitions – nice ones, slow ones, or just smooth ones – and so tonight I found myself closing one and tomorrow I will open a new one.  I don’t have enough time to talk about them right now so I will post a few photos instead, and direct you to Chica and Sequoia (just over to the right there…) for more on the above.