I got this jumper (‘top’, ‘shirt’) about two weeks ago and I haven’t taken it off since.  I even bought the same one in another colour but I don’t wear it much because it’s not as worn in as the grey one.  I feel really insecure when I’m not wearing it.  It smells fine, so don’t ask that question.  It’s the softest thing ever.  I don’t know if anyone has any opinions of the fact that I wear virtually the same thing every day, but I’m not sure anyone cares enough to have a conscious thought about it at all.  But for me, it’s a whole other existence.



2 responses to “jumper.

  1. Finding an item of clothing that makes you feel soft and secure is a beautiful thing, it serves a purpose until that purpose is served just as a person or a type of food does until we move on to something else. That jumper looks lovely, especially how it hangs over your shoulders so we can see your beautiful collar bones. I find tops like this comfy and casual but also really feminine which is a sure combination to make you feel good. I would like to touch you wearing it.

  2. Yes, I sniffed her and she smells soft like cotton.

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