i arrive through a window, i leave through a hole in the wall.

In line with this batch of rather intimate images of my existence, this is my perch.  My most actualised form at this moment is one which, dressed in underwear and the jumper pictured below, perches in this window facing out into the laneway, smoking a joint and wearing headphones.  If anyone is interested in photographing me doing this, raise those hands, because I don’t plan to document myself doing it but feel that images might be useful in perpetuity.

This is what my perch looks like from across the laneway.  It’s a very good one.



3 responses to “i arrive through a window, i leave through a hole in the wall.

  1. I am raising both hands very high right now, can you see?


  2. Your writing and photographic skills are excellent.
    Your other blog had some excellent writing on it. you should restart it.
    I found you through Chica’s blog if you are interested.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    I put a link on my blog to yours. It may get you some more visitors. Commenters are another story. Very few people make comments. Most people don’t even respond to comments that are placed on there own blogs. To much trouble, I guess.

  3. Thank you.

    As I explained on that other blog, it was a project-based sort of thing and that’s why I stopped writing on it. It’s not something I’ll contine, but it will remain live for those who wish to view it.

    I do try to stay involved in any discussions that happen here, but they don’t happen that often. I don’t respond to every comment because not every comment really warrants a response.


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