hi bobby

I don’t really have much to post at the moment because I’m exhausted and because most of what I say is said in real-time to people in front of me.  But Bobby said ‘more please’ and I feel that I should oblige.  Most of the photos I take at the moment are quite explicit and I’d need permission from those who appear in them, which I can’t get at 3 am which is generally when I post.  So here’s yet another one that has some of me in it.



One response to “hi bobby

  1. Oh hai! As it happens the one you post with my name in the title is the one I like the most. This is a very unsettling image, such soft warm tonalities juxtapose in uncomfortable ways with the dark composition. Wow I feel like I’m a art wank class again, this is very much a good thing! Thanks xx.

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