The protests at Suvarnabhumi are in denouement. I had no problems as I flew two weeks ago, but it did help me to realise the volatility of the situation there, which I actually didn’t appreciate when I was there, which probably has a lot to do with the way I travelled.  It happened that I wanted to post these.  I wonder what the same spots looked like with people stranded in them.

Suvarnabhumi is one of those space-age hubs and the architecture of the place is quite impressive.  The international terminal swallows you whole in its extravagance, which probably has a lot to do with its high-end commercial retail excesses.  But I stayed away from that photographically (I stayed away from most things photographically).  I like the symmetry and simplicitiy of an international hub at 5 am.  I wish I had done more there with the camera – airports are great places to work on your collection of images of liminal space.





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  1. The Bearded Traveler

    I remember in one of his books (prob a Dirk Gently book), Douglas Adams opined that airports are the ugliest buildings in the world. I think that was one of Doug’s biggest missteps; I tend to disagree with him. I spent most of my life near Dulles Airport (Eero Saarinen!), which I liked a lot, and National Airport which… okay, it looks like an goofy egg carton now, with the redesign… but it’s also now named for (eesh) Ronald Reagan, so I’m glad it’s gotten uglier.

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