you don’t even know

I saw the ‘Seven Facts‘ meme reproduced at Waking Vixen, and whilst of course Audacia Ray did not pass it on to seven bloggers, I assume I would have been one of them if she had.  Yes, most certainly.

And so, here are my Seven Facts.

1. I fold my underwear when I do my laundry.

2. I hear Cat Power’s cover of ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ at least twice a day.

3. I sang in choirs – school, community, church, etc – for most of my school years.  That includes college.  I usually sing first alto.

4. My two top front teeth are not the ones which were originally placed into my mouth by biology.

5. I got through 24 years of my life without understanding or appreciating seafood and am making up for lost meals.

6. Generally the only people to whom I do not disclose my occupation are hairdressers (and other practitioners of the cosmetic arts) and nannas.

7. I don’t attend fancy-dress parties because I find it threatening to my sense of personal style to have to dress as anything other than myself.



2 responses to “you don’t even know

  1. The Bearded Traveler

    I was ignorant of seafood for years. I’d go with my friend to the Outer Banks (NC) for years and years, and we’d get… pizza or Dairy Queen. Finally, this decade, I said to him “Let’s start getting some seafood. We’re by THE OCEAN. It should be fresh and great.” And it was.

  2. I like #7 the best and I agree whole-heartedly!

    Welcome home xo

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