‘pornography as therapy’

I’ve been doing google searches for any discussion of porn as something therapeutic or healing, because I’ve been thinking lately about sexual psychology and the ways in which one can sexually self-medicate.  There are a few things that have brought this up, so I’m starting to want to know what other people are saying about it.  There’s not terribly much out there, but it did put me on to this blog, which made me a bit keen to read other therapist blogs.  I think that’s a fascinating field and so private and mysterious in a lot of ways, so it’s nice to see it being represented in a medium like blogging where there are more opportunities to speak anonymously.

Have a look at Everyone Needs Therapy‘s somewhat disjointed discussion of porn and particularly the choice to be in it, or any type of sex work.  Not a whole lot of credit given to those who make it, but maybe some good departure points for consideration.  And a peek at What Some People Really Do Believe.  The comments are worth a read as well.  I do think this is an interesting blog and I’ll probably get myself more familiar with it.


4 responses to “‘pornography as therapy’

  1. i think for me, this was definitely my approach to the work i did, and has provoked my interest in tantra too.

    but now it’s just plain fun i’m after!

    ‘sexually self-medicate’ is an apt expression.. i’m interested too though in these two other things, laughter and love, and how these things intersect with the sexual. How much a part of the medication is this? To my liking, a lot of sexual expression often seems to lack either one or both of these (meaning expression in such places as porn, or erotic literature, or in the sexual encounters I’ve had), and often takes itself too seriously.. which leads me to think that the whole affair smacks of people’s vulnerability and need for intimacy and acceptance.

    One of the nicest things about working with you gals was the humour that came in to situations and observations again and again, and the friendships that are able to see the vulnerable and serious sexuality and still embrace and laugh through and beyond the experiences. That was very precious, and for me, probably the greatest ‘therapy’ of all, for my own take on not only my own, but others’ sexuality too (individually and as a concept).

    I haven’t yet looked at the link, but I’d be very interested to hear how your own thoughts (and practice) grow or change or adapt to whatever it is that you discover..
    x tink

  2. hmm, i just read the link (and left a comment but the damn computer swallowed it!), but basically my thoughts were this…

    I strongly disagree with value judgements about decisions. Even ‘regrettable’ (or especially) decisions have value – we are after all, adapted to learn and evolve from mistake making. Take one look at a baby, a child, a young adult (and if you are lucky, you’ll be making mistakes all of your life!) and you’ll see it’s the case. My ‘worst’ mistakes have cost me dearly, and have involved the irreveressibility of death, yet these have been the most valuable experiences in my life so far too. The getting of wisdom..

    And, the morality around sexuality and pornography is basically to honour and preserve the integrity of the person and the sexual self (both actually the same thing), but has been lost somewhat in religious hysteria and narrow minded readings of the morality. Thou shalt not actually means thou shalt honour. If pornography (including sex work in the physical world) is undertaken in the spirit of honouring (including love, acceptance, humour and a sense of the sacred and the precious) then it can never be regrettable. And those who consume it and retain it’s memory or gain pleasure from it will feel the difference, post orgasm. That’s when the truth comes out!

    Damn, I wish the computer hadn’t been so disagreeable to me!

    A bit of a blurb from me to you and the rest of humanity. x

  3. Tink your comment did save on the therapy website. I nodded along to it before I knew it was yours! I think you should also post your ideas about honour and sex work, I think this is something she totally overlooked and it’s such an integral part of any discussions about the effects of pornography. Not always but so often feelings of regret and social stigma are inevitable bed fellows.

  4. I can’t remember if I said it there or not, but some people don’t believe in sex addictions. I do, because an older man, for example, who preys on young girls who are sexualized, who doesn’t realize that he’s interrupting their psychological development, has an addiction.

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