I’ve been going back through some old images and this is one I’ve always liked.  I find that I prefer self-portraits that do not include my eyes or nose.  I like the anonymity.


5 responses to “girl-shaped

  1. i like the glossy lips…nice touch…oh and cute butt too ;-)

  2. that was taken in the nest under the stairs, where i spent some very special nights with very special people. you know it there.

  3. Very sexy.

  4. ah the nest.. the nest was new and precious then.. i was admiring but not entering…

  5. I love this one too, although I also like photos with your eyes in them because you have Special Eyes. Actually now that I think of it, there is a pic of your eyes that you took in my van behind some feathers that I love. Can I post it on my blog with an ode to Breanna? xo luv you

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