another post goddamnit

It has been many moons since last I played mix-up with words for the public eye.  I find that my writing writes itself in and out of several formats and lately have been more interested in pen and paper.  I guess the virtual stuff just seems like there are too many people to think about.  Since I stopped writing here I have put some thought to how much of myself I really want to share or make public and had a sudden turn of protectionism of late.  I’ll probably never make a permanent decision about that.

Winters are Long in Melbourne, even if you have a good attitude and think you’re going to match its powers of coldness but just staying out in it anyway.  Spring is finally fucking doing something and I’m very excited about that.  Last time I was writing it was fall – I think there is something about transitional seasons that makes me much better at saying stuff.  In the winter I get really quiet.  I loved watching fall happen and in that enjoyment found that transitions in general are really valued for me.  I want to be able to see the change from this to that and maybe participate in it and remark upon it.  To go too quickly from one thing to another is to lose me completely; I’ve not been very functional in situations where I couldn’t have that.

I haven’t been cooking.  The kitchen was too cold and it won.  Instead I’ve been letting other people do it.  The best Indian takeaway in Melbourne is on Nicholson and Barkly.  Birdman Eating has one of the most creative breakfast menus I’ve seen.  And everyone has interesting ideas about how to do porridge.

I got a camera, and then a month later it got robbed, but it’s coming back.  I helped make a squid movie, but you can’t see it until all of the indecent bits have black bars placed over them.  I have more ideas for what we could do with porno than we could probably ever do.  I think a lot about borders and belonging as immigration continues to freak me the fuck out.  I visited the American Consulate in Melbourne, which, along with Preston, is my own personal hell.  I watched The Big Lebowski 723 times.

I don’t know what will happen next, but I suspect it to be smaller and more random.  Lately I’ve enjoyed the idea of little snippets of people’s lives much more than other quantities.  There will be brevity.  And pictures.  And nice things.

Thanks to Sequoia for her eloquent request for another post, from which its title was derived.

And now: bovines.


2 responses to “another post goddamnit

  1. i am never much a fan of the kuh (or the cow, in english!), to have or to hold, but this makes me want to marry one. Or a farmer who has some.. ha ha. very beautiful composition. You made the cow and it’s culture pretty.

  2. I was just going through your blog before I recommend it to my brother Chris as he’s just started blogging and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any photos of myself that could damage him! I don’t remember seeing this beautiful image. This is really ace, the way the clouds happen and the way the bovines take it in their stride. Most lovely.

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