wild card

I’d like to be the bestest, most reliable blogger I can be. Sometime soon.

All this talk about domesticity made me think about getting a new one, and somehow I (we) did – packing up life again next weekend and moving it over to where they serve Bees’ Knees on tap. So there is much frenzy around this, but when I come back round the other side, there will be photos of tiny cupcakes I have made in my new oven. Fuck yeah.

In the meantime, consider the following, which I also have considered but do not have time to write about right this second:

  • For me, the hotness of sexual imagery made before 1978 is intensified manifold by the sheer fact that it was made before 1978. Why?
  • Do you have spaces of warmth and cold in your house? I had some in mine. The whole struggle with this most recent nest was how to keep it from going cold.
  • If you had to put an ad for some personal desire on gumtree, what would it look like, and what would it be?
  • I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • What’s the prettiest gay porno you’ve ever seen?

And since everything’s better with pictures, more dead shit:



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