hello internets

Hi. For a long time I’ve said, ‘I should start blogging’. As with most projects that I start, I spend anywhere from several minutes to several years planning and making lists and conceptualising. I become so excellent at this that I never do the thing itself. This may cause others to think I am full of shit, and of course I don’t want that. So here it is: blogging!

My opening statement: this is absolutely a starting-from-zero, underambitious, undefined project. If I have learned one thing from reading other folks’ blogs, it’s that they are always open-ended and somewhat open-source. I’ve got no particular plans other than to write things you’ll read. And that will turn into whatever it becomes, which will probably be disproportionately about sex and snacks.



3 responses to “hello internets

  1. You must post photo’s also or I will have to steal your camera under the cover of darkness and give it to someone deserving!
    To everyone else, bs makes beautiful images of herself and we’ll all be better off in our lives is she posts them here!

  2. Sometimes I make beautiful images of other things, too…but mostly myself. It’s cos I can sit still the longest.

  3. welcoming myself to your bit of the internets. thank you for making a blog, bee ess. blogging needs you. alot more than blogging needs many other blogs. and i agree that the beauty of your image making extends way beyond yourself and ripples out into the world and moves through the people that look at them in rippling ways that tickle and tingle… and your word pictures are similarly lovely. i look forward to having your blog in my daily rounds!

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